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   Got Pigeons living and pooping on your home or business ?


What do you call them??


" Dirty Birds "

" Flying Rats "

Why you need bird or pigeon control and abatement

Pigeons breed all year long in warmer climates 2 = 18+ in a year

Pigeons are dirty messy birds.

Pigeon nests can contain bed bugs, ticks, fleas that will move inside your home or business

Pigeons will poop out 25 lb a year each bird - How many did you say you have?

Pigeons will poop on average 47 - 51 times a day, every day

Pigeons and pest birds are a proven health hazard.

Pigeons cause slip and fall accidents and lawsuits.

Pigeon on a roof can reduce the roof life by 20% or more.

Pigeons and pest birds living on a building will reduce property values

Pigeons and pest birds can kill people and pets.

They live in their filth, build nests of poop and twigs and will even build their nests on the tops of other dead pigeons - they just don't care.


Disease chart of common pest birds

Would you let a bunch of rats live on you home ?

I don't think so ...

Pigeons have been called FLYING RATS for a very good reason

   Look at the dirty pictures below to see what may be around your home or business or even on your roof top, that may be rolling down to the ground. You may even be walking through this mess and then carrying it into your home or business and you know what's even worse! you, your children, customers and even employees could be breathing in the fecal (poop) dust from the nuisance birds.


Pigeons on roof top - note nest and 2 eggs out in the open pigeons nesting on a concrete beam
Pigeon have been living in this attic for a very long time Pigeon eggs and nests in a rain gutter
Pigeon nest cloging a roof drain backing up the water to the roof Pigeon roosting on a metal beam above a door way to hospital
Owls don't work - pigeons roosting under an eave overhang Pigeon nesting in some incorrectly installed bird spike
Pigeons pooping on a roof top of a commercial building Pigeon behind incorrectly installed netting to an overhang
Pigeons under an overhangs with bad netting job Plastic spike installed on ledge without washing the ledge first - yuck !!
Pigeon poop on hand railing to a church - they had to clean it up every Sunday before church Pigeons roosting along a parpet wall - all the poop runs down the wall and gets on patio's and ground below
Pigeon under an eave and is looking to start build a nest Pigeon on nest up under and overhang of I beams and sheet metal
Swallows nesting under a bridge Do it yourselfer using chicken wire is really ugly and detracks from the value of the house
This pest control company just stretched the netting over the disk and roof top Ac and attached it on the parapet just here and there - what a waste of money and it didn't work Under side of a wall mounted sign that the pigeons got into.
Pigeon control work like this is just stealing from the customer, I'm sure the net keep the pigeons out of here untill the check cleared. Don't be fooled there is a difference in the quality of work we do  Sign with plastic spike on the front leaving a big nesting spot for pigeons in the back, I don't think this is what the customer paided for.


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