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Looking To Add $ome Extra Income without working?

   Don't lose valuable customers that may go to someone else to get their pest control work done because you can't provide them with a means of taking care of their pigeon or bird control problems.


   Do you do some small amount of pigeon control or bird control work for your residential accounts and have been asked to provide a quote for one of your commercial accounts and find that the job is too big for your experience or available manpower level.


   We have been offering our sub-contracting services to Pest Management Professionals for over 10 years now and have done some very large jobs for some of the nations largest companies as well as one and two man operations.

We never solicit your accounts for
pest control or termite work because
we only do bird control and bee removal

- It's hard being all things to all people -

   As you know, bird control is very different than pest control with all the different tools, ladders, roof work and other stuff needed to do a good bird exclusion job. 

   Most PMP's don't have or want to have all this equipment  tied up, or even pulling a tech or 2 off a scheduled route for a day or week to do the job which could create unhappy long term pest control route customers. 


   If you are interested in allowing us to help you, help your customers we could do something like the following:

  • Call or email our office and give us the customers information and bird problem.

  • Give us you name, Phone, Email and other information needed to reach you.

  • We call your customer and set the appointment to do the inspection with or without you on site, you decide.

  • We inspect the property and write up a proposal, then submit the proposal to customer or you.

  • When they accept, they get a humane, affordable, long lasting quality bird proofing service done by us, representing you.

  • We offer your customer a guarantee on our results, workmanship and the materials we install.

  • If you like, we add a dollar amount or % of the job for your referral fee, just let us know what you want to do and where you wants us to send the check after the job is completed and paid.

Note: Different variations of the above basic system can also be done - Call us today and let's work something out.

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