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Contact Arizona Wings N' Stings today at     602-942-6550 - 480-969-2337 to see about scheduling an inspection of your property and see how we can help you stop all the noise and mess as well as protecting you, your family, employees and customers from possible slip & fall dangers or health hazards associated with pest birds that are roosting or nesting in and around your home or business.









Bird & Pigeon Control - Removal - Exclusion Projects

 A long lasting, professional appearance and aesthetics of the installation as well as how does it work is the goal in any bird control job that Arizona Wings-N-Stings undertakes be it a commercial building or a single story residential home.

   Some of the bird control projects we have completed have taken several months using 8 or 9 men and others have taken an hour or two. No matter what the size of the job or how complex the project is we have the knowledge, training and experience to do the pigeon & bird control or exclusion job right the first time, so that it will effective, look good and last for many years.


 Just a small sample of bird control projects completed over the past few years.


Bird control netting installed over a very large Air Handler units Bird control netting for enrty way of a vehicle inspection station Pigeon control netting to 6 Freeway Underpass in Arizona
Bird control net and bee removal to the front of a church in Phoenix Arizona Pigeon control spike and netting at a school

Select picture for samples

More Coming

Dirty bird pictures and some really bad bird control Pigeon control exclusion net at a Gas station Canopy

Bird control for a residential overhang using net

Bird and pigeon control at Parking Garage to exclude pigeons Bird control netting at a vehicle inspection station Bird control at a Libary phoenix for Pigeon Proofing
Jail Bird Control         Casino


Birth control for pigeons

Courtyard netting

Shock Track Work

  Hazing Systems

Grape & Soy in the air

More Coming

   A/c Exclusion Work

Warehouse Screen Door

More Coming

Acid tank at mine netting


 Call Arizona Wings N' Stings for all your unusual bird control problems.

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